Our Audits are Free and Save You Money. No Brainer.

On average, we could save you 35% on the cost of your stationery. And it doesn’t require you to do anything more than provide us with a list of your frequently-ordered products and the prices you pay. Then your dedicated account manager can set to work discounting each product, one by one, until your total outgoings look a heck of a lot healthier.

We double-dare you to compare us to your existing stationery supplier   After all, we’re all about being the cheapest, the cheeriest, the greenest and the best.  With standards set so high, you can trust us to work hard to keep costs low, do everything with a smile on our faces and only supply eco-friendly products in eco-friendly vans.Nothing’s too much trouble


Get those extra brownie points!

Get those extra browny points! Just can't find the time to get the savings you deserve or want to  impress your boss ?

Let our experienced stationery auditors loose on your invoices and we will do the hard work for you hunting out the items you use most and maximising cost cutting. We will even come to you what could be easier?
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