The Grass Is Greener With Us

Don't know what to do with your old printer cartridges?
Feeling guilty that you're not recycling your milk bottles?

Got bags full of paper from the shredder that you know you shouldn't just bin?
Enter Green Inc, the lean, green recycling machine.


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Whether you're a big office getting through hundreds of toners or a small company that has a single sack of recyclables each month, we can help. We collect waste and recyclables directly from offices all over the UK, helping companies of all sizes reduce their carbon footprints and meet the toughest of green targets without any effort at all.

We're green by name and green by nature, and our passion is helping other people to be as eco-friendly as possible. Run your place of work the green way with low-cost, hassle-free recycling and waste collection. Contact us to get a quote - no job is too big or too small.

Did you also know…

Being green means saving money, as well as the planet In England, homes and businesses generate approximately 177 million tonnes of waste every year. This is because of poor planning, an absence of clear strategy and a lack of education around the impact of waste on the environment and the cost to homeowners and businesses.

The government wants us to move towards a zero waste economy and we can all do our bit to get us there by ensuring we reuse and recycle as much as possible. It's also crucial to buy smart too. We are green by nature, offering eco-friendly stationery, waste collection and recycling. Plus all our drivers drive environmentally friendly vans. It all helps to see green, not red, when it comes to recycling targets.

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