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Clean and Green that's our mission!

From providing eco friendly products and recycling the products used, we offer initiatives to businesses looking to join our mission.

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We don’t undo all our hard work by delivering your stationery in petrol-hungry lorries. Instead, our lovely delivery people are proud to drive LPG vans, which typically produce 33% less CO2 than their petrol equivalents. By making sure our carbon footprint is more fairy, less yeti, we’re helping you to reduce the footprint of your supply chain too.

We’re mean with our packaging too. By wrapping our products in less plastic and cardboard, not only will you not have to fight to get your stuff open, but you’ll be putting less in the bin as well. Did you know that, on average, 16% of the money you fork out for products pays for the packaging? Not with us, that’s why our prices are low and just one of the reasons why we can call ourselves Green Inc Office Supplies.

Being green means saving money, as well as the planet In England, homes and businesses generate approximately 177 million tonnes of waste every year. This is because of poor planning, an absence of clear strategy and a lack of education around the impact of waste on the environment and the cost to homeowners and businesses.

The government wants us to move towards a zero waste economy and we can all do our bit to get us there by ensuring we reuse and recycle as much as possible. It's also crucial to buy smart too. We are green by nature, offering eco-friendly stationery, waste collection and recycling. Plus all our drivers drive environmentally friendly vans. It all helps to see green, not red, when it comes to recycling targets.

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